The aesthetic appeal of a fireplace as well as a source of winter warmth holds an attraction for many. As a result, adding a fireplace is still a popular option with many homeowners. When you are deciding to add a Fireplace we can help you look at all your options. Do you like the look and feel of a traditional wood burning fireplace or do you prefer to go with a gas fireplace?  Don’t forget about the new electric fireplaces that can be added to almost any wall in your home and don’t require any venting.  Any of these fireplaces also come in the traditional box look or you can get them in the new linear style as well.  Whatever your preference we can help you achieve the look and feel you desire.

If you already have a fireplace maybe an upgrade is in your future.  We can pull out the traditional style box and put one of the new linear styles in its place with your flat screen above it. If you have a nice firebox you may just want a facelift. We can help you by removing the unwanted tile and mantel and replacing it with a new mantle and some stone or granite that really turns that old fireplace into a visually attractive focal point.